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Cover Your Website From Robot Network

Cyber - Botnet is a serious disease that plagued the internet since the beginning of its appearance. But apparently our experience says another. There are still many netters who do not know about the threat of botnet attacks.

What is a
, or robot network, or the Zombie Army, is the idiom for a group of computers that have been infected by malicious software (malware). Malware that infiltrated the computer's function was to steal important data (logins, credit card information and so on), then infect other computers.If the infected computer is a computer a webmaster, then the malware can also infiltrate the website server when webmasters are uploading website files. Websites that have been unwittingly compromised malware, can be used for evil purposes. Among them: as a medium for distributing malware to visitors computers, stealing passwords (scam), mass-emails to hundreds of thousands of addresses (spam), your website data stealing (theft), fraud, pay-per-click (abuse) and make the IP your server is blacklisted by a variety of services.
Common case
While I was surfing the Internet, you may occasionally encounter ever look like this:
Or like this

you are the webmaster of the website, what must you do?

, look for malware that is hiding on y
our website. Malware could be seeping into your website scripts, or disguised as other files, etc.. Although less accurate, Google Webmaster Tools can help make tracking malware. Just register your account on .
, if it is clean, submit requests reconsideration on Google through ticket form at the following URL: Unfortunately Google's lack of responsibility in this regard. Sometimes after a ticket submitted, you will have to wait 1 day - 1 week - 1 month for your website direconsider again.

Especially for websites based on CMS (Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress) malware can enter through various loopholes.
  1. Can infiltrate during the process of uploading data to the server
  2. Can pass security holes on the website that was never updated to the latest version. And the latest update patch has been completed improvements to the security holes that may be found on older version .
  3. Malware can also enter through themes or plugins through because it seemed nice and free, we download and install any on our website.

So beware of malware. It may be that the current website or our website visitor's computer has been converted into an army of zombies. Spread awareness about the botnet to other website owners on our side.
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